About Us

AllExpeditions is a small company based in Miami, Florida since 2012.

It was created by a group of individuals, experienced travel professionals who have been in contact with the world and who decided to focus on exotic and distant places, to aim their particular offer to a more affluent/ demanding and more adventurous market.

It is managed by travel professionals, who have been active in the field, with vast experience selling travel tour destinations.

Allexpeditions is seeking to incorporate at least three new additional South American destinations before year’s end.

Allexpeditions delivers experiences that CANNOT only be lived through trips and travels but through the perception of getting inside other cultures, plunge between landscapes, people, sounds, colors, feelings and senses.

This Team called AllExpeditions is now here for you.


Allexpeditions offers you the opportunity to live every moment in a private and intimate way, to get to know every culture, every place from a native’s and resident’s perspective, to let you grow your inner awareness and to make your sojourn memorable, unique and unforgettable.

Clients will be able to interact with the local people, and perhaps let them assume a different perspective of life.

Each destination is different; Blue, green, grey, white – smooth, ruffled, or mountainous. Different landscapes, different colors, flavors, sounds and therefore different experiences.

Comfort and privacy are most important to us. Each destination lets you travel with confidence, our products consider a secure and private environment as prime factors for a firm enjoyment.

Allexpeditions provides other travel services, ample travel environment information, travel awareness solutions and tips through newsletters, blog articles and others.

Currently we have offices in the USA, Germany and Ecuador.
Miami, Florida