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allexpeditions is a tour operator founded and based in Miami, Florida, with additional representaives in Frankfurt, Germany and Quito, Ecuador. We are a group of experienced travel professionals with a vision towards providing the highest standard in guest services for distant and exotic destinations.

allexpeditions provides private tours and customized packages combining additional travel services such as worldwide boutique & heritage hotel options, concierge-curated events, sport activities, entertainment and upscale car rental.

So why choose us?

Because we deliver luxurious experiences that exceed the usual travel packages, by creating bespoke options for the discerning and adventurous client.

We view tourism as an opportunity for self-transformation. We believe we come closer to our authentic selves when we move out of our comfort zone and into new perspectives that expose us to different ways of living. By awakening the senses and expanding our clients’ vision of what trips can offer, we find that a journey into the unknown helps our travelers connect with who they are at their core.

We relish discovering new and stimulating ways of plunging into cultures, while providing unusual opportunities to interact with local peoples and hidden treasures, landscapes, colors and sounds.

Each destination is different: blue, green, grey, white – smooth, ruffled, vast or mountainous.

We invite you to discover it all!

Looking for a private, tailor-made, and luxurious way of discovering the world? 

We align with our clients’ needs and preferences – spanning from opulent accommodations to barefoot luxury. Comfort and privacy are of the highest importance to us and our carefully selected products rely on the most exclusive and reputable accommodations and travel modalities so that you can travel in confidence and free-spirited pleasure.

QUENCH YOUR WANDERLUST: We create absolutely memorable, unique and unforgettable experiences for our travelers. Looking forward to opening new doors for you!

Contact us and we will plan your dream trip exactly as you want it. Create a life you can’t wait to wake up to.


Diverse, Authentic, Unforgettable

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